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Access Your Membership

Once you have paid for your startup hosting plan a membership password will be sent to you via email.

Use the password to access to membership area by going to the LOGIN menu at www.mermaidinthe.net where you will notice a new 'MEMBER' menu appear once you have logged on with Username and Password supplied in email from mermaid. Please look through member articles and fill out forms to help us build your website.

  • Menus: You can enter information on menus and the heirachy of the site.
  • Articles: You can enter information on articles to express your product or service.
  • Pictures: Information on pictures and an option to upload pictures you would like used in the site.
  • Video: Information on video and an option to upload videos.
  • Contact Details: Your contact infomation including different email addresses you would like set up for the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RokFeatureTable?

RokFeatureTable is designed to show tabular data, offering a user friendly interface and integrated styling.

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  • What is Fusion with MegaMenu?

MegaMenu describes a series of advanced features, such as grouped items and inline modules, to the Fusion dropdown menu.

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  • What are the CSS 3 Features?

Border radiuses for rounded corners, color transitions on hover, box shadows and CSS rotation are all included.

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  • What is the Gantry Framework?

Gantry is an advanced framework that powers our latest templates, offering an excellent foundation, full of features.

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